AgraStrip Total Milk

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AgraStrip Total Milk
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Manufacturer ROMERLABS
Product Code COKAL2410AS
Number of Standards (RM for calibration) 1
Target Milk proteins
Product Line AgraStrip
Test Format Test strips
Number Of Determinations 10
Assay Time 11'
LIMIT of DETECTION (LOD) 1 ppm, 1ug/25 cm2 swab
Applicable to Solid/fluid matrices Food samples (raw ingredients, final processed products)
Applicable to liquids Rinse water, liquid food samples, beverages
Applicable To Surface Yes
Sample Preparation Solid GR, EX, SH, BU, SH, SE
Sample Prep. Liquid EX, SH, BU, SH, SE
Sample Prep. Surface SW, EX, SH, BU, SH, SE
Storage Temperature 15-25 °C
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